Buildstrong California

Protecting communities against the next disaster.

Californians face extreme disaster risks. BuildStrong California is working to establish a state framework to prioritize and invest in resilience and ultimately save the lives and livelihoods of all Californians. A diverse and inclusive coalition of professional, academic, and institutional stakeholders, BuildStrong California is committed to enhancing state, local, and tribal capacity to reduce disaster risk and protect homes, businesses, and communities in the Golden State against the next disaster. By working with state leaders, together we can take bold steps to reduce the main drivers of catastrophic wildfires and improve the resilience of increasingly vulnerable communities.
Our Mission

California’s intensifying wildfire season is leading to an increase in loss of life and damage to public health, property, infrastructure, and ecosystems. The current wildfire season, with more than one million acres already burned in California amid an unprecedented drought, is yet again on pace to be worse than previous record-setting fire seasons. BuildStrong California supports current legislative measures that focus on building state, regional, and local capacity to reduce disaster risk and maximize state and federal investments to harden communities against the next fire related hazard.

Our Goals

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BuildStrong California advocates for a comprehensive approach to wildfire-related disaster preparedness, mitigation, and resiliency. Contact us to learn more.
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